Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Checking Phone Numbers

Reverse phone lookup is great in finding hard to locate numbers. It has served its main purpose, to help you know who is calling you. But there are actually so many more than finding the number. It has lots in store for anyone who knows how to maximize its purposes.

For one, phone number lookup enables you to block phone numbers of persons you do not wish to connect with you. You have the power to track whether the calls are from persons you do not want to do any business with. You are able to protect your privacy as a private person and/or your business interests against unwanted marketers or other persons.

Another important reason why you should utilize reverse lookup is for the protection of your family. There will be many instances when your home phone will receive mysterious and suspecting calls. These are indeed scary. Especially if you have children to protect, you need to be as vigilant as possible in knowing where and from who these calls are coming from. Reverse phone lookup is your best means to find out who and also run background check on them to know if they could be a threat.

Check if phone lookup is indeed giving you results as it should.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Protecting Yourselves from Unwanted Calls

Reverse phone look up is one way to make sure you are protected from unwanted calls. Those who are familiar will tell you that with reverse phone lookup, they were able to trace calls that have kept on bugging them all these years. The callers might be calling them with different purposes but all the reasons might boil down into something like calling these persons without any valid or accepted answer to the whys of the recipient. In short, they are just merely disturbing your presence and peace of mind.

So, how do you do phone lookup? All you need is the phone number and phone directory online can find out the name, address and even do a background check on the person or business behind the phone number. It is now easy for you to find the phone numbers or trace the phone numbers that call you especially those that keeps on bugging your peace.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Advantages of Reverse Phone Search

Some people would not list their telephone numbers in a telephone directory. This is because they want to keep their data confidential. With telephones, people are easier to find. Today, because of the many telephone scams and spams, more and more people prefer to use cell phones because their privacy can be more protected.

The problem, however, is that when you are the one being victimized by unwanted calls and the caller uses cellular phones. There might be a system to help you with this. Reverse phone look up is a great way to access data of callers that keep on bugging you with unwanted calls and calls trying to sell you so many things.

With the help of reverse cell phone number you can screen your phone calls and obtain the data of your callers. You can also be able to obtain addresses for business purposes, lawyers, private investigators, journalists, research professionals, etc by merely checking out their phone numbers. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Why Should You Use Reverse Phone Look Up

There are so many reasons why one might be using reverse phone directory. All reasons are equally important and are all valid. For some, the reasons for a reverse phone look up includes the following:

1. To know where the unsolicited calls are coming from.
2. To know who made missed calls.
3. To guard your phone against unwanted calls.
4. To help you scan data about the phone number that called you.

A reverse phone lookup can help you in this aspect.  The phone address directory not only tells about who is the owner of the phone number, but also what others have commented about the number. This can help you find out if the phone number is a part of a spam. This can also help you trace the calls you get especially those that cause problems or anxieties to you. Those calls  that keep on intimidating you or ruining either your mornings or sleep. With reverse phone look ups, you can now learn where the calls are coming from and do something to stop them.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Phone Number of Fundraising Organizers

Charitable institutions and orphans await this time of the year because they know they will get more gifts and donations more than other times of the year. Sadly, criminals take advantage of these generous people. They know that it is easier to ask for donations and help. They know that when they raise funds, it will not be as hard as when it was during other times of the year. These people are thinking of ways to get money. For criminals, this seems easy.

How pitiful this is for people who just want to help during this holiday season. Instead of their money and goods going to the right people, the money goes to those who just want to take advantage of them. When you get call from people who claim they are just raising funds for a cause, better do number lookup on the phone number. Know who is behind the call. Despite you want to help, you should be mindful as well that there are people who does not really want to help but just want to gain for their own vested interests.

You can help via known organizations or if there are new groups who try to raise funds for a good cause, research first if the project is legal and is genuine. While it is a good thing to help others, you should also make sure that your help goes to the people who really deserve them.

The same is true when you want to initiate fund raising, make sure also that your efforts will not go to waste. Check out the background of the people or group you are going to raise funds for. This is to make sure  that your willingness to serve is given to people who truly needs it.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Check Phone Numbers of Retreat Houses

Retreat houses do not usually market their haven especially for commercial use. What they usually do is directly contact churches and religious organizations to inform them of their existence. They usually negotiate with parish priests or pastors so their retreat houses will be known. Also, most of these houses are managed by priests or churches and rarely by private entities so they really come in direct contact with religious people.

When you receive calls from telemarketers offering discounted prices or special packages for retreat houses. Think again. Maybe the retreat house is really doing some promotions and marketing but you should take the effort to reverse lookup the phone number and the caller. Even if the offer is tempting due to very low prices or wonderful freebies, refrain from giving out your personal information or buying anything until you have made sure you are talking to the real people from the retreat house.

Protect yourself from being spammed by not being properly informed and updated of the many spam stories behind unsolicited telephone calls. It is one of the best ways to protect yourself from being spammed, With the many stories of spam and identity theft, involving even those that are not supposed to be used for this crime such as religions, churches, charities, and other noble groups or entities, being spammed is really one scary incident that can happen to anyone. rest assured, however, that it is never your fault if you get victimized. Involve your family and concerned agencies in your ordeal.

Always, the best advice FTC and the police gives to private citizens to protect themselves from being spammed is to keep themselves informed.  It is also very important to remind them that it is not their fault when they get victimized. More so, it is crucial to encourage them to involve their family and trusted friends when they get victimized.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Phone Numbers of FOREX Traders

I saw a missed call on my phone the other day.  The number showed the area code of the capital city and I thought the call was from a contact in the youth group I was serving. I was thinking, however, why the one who called did not leave a voice mail or SMS since I was not able to answer the call. I did not think much about it. Two days later, my phone rang again and it is the same number. I answered it thinking it was the secretariat of the youth group.

A lady was at the other end of the line saying that I registered with their FOREX site. I tried to recall what she was saying. I remembered clicking on a FOREX site because it said it will send you free tips in FOREX trading but also recalled that I was not able to finish filling up the form because it gave back an error command. I told this to the lady at the other end. She said that despite I was not able to finish filling up the form, their "system" caught my name and number, thus the call. She instructed me to finish the registration and if I will start trading with them already.

I asked her what is the need to finish the registration when she already said that their system got caught of my name already. I was thinking that for sure, at the end of registration, I will be asked to give my credit card number. I was right. The girl told me that I needed it to start trading. I told her I am not interested in trading with them since I do not know where their physical office is. She could not give an exact address. I knew right there and then that there is something very wrong already.

I got the phone number, did reverse lookup and address search on it. I knew it was a land line telephone so I was sure I can verify it. I was glad I did. The number belongs to a marketing company that creates marketing flyers and leaflets. It was that shocking that they can offer FOREX trading to unsuspecting victims.

I felt terrible yet relieved that I was able to think clearly and did not proceed with the conversation.  I learnt my lesson and thought I should really be careful next time in what I click on the net and that I should always have presence of mind whenever I receive unsolicited calls. There are really so many telephone spams and scam going around and the best defense is to always protect yourself first and foremost.